Ferihegy during the Holidays

Hungarian citizens may return home from abroad without restrictions and foreign citizens who have a permanent Hungarian residence permit or one that is valid for more than 90 days may enter Hungary without any restrictions as well. The Budapest Airport expect huge passenger traffic during the holiday season and for this reason they institute some new changes in the administration. All persons entering Hungary at Ferenc Liszt International Airport (including the citizens of Schengen countries) are obliged to undergo a mandatory document check and body temperature measurement. The decision on entering the country is made by authority personnel on site, based on the conditions defined in the relevant decrees. Document checks and data recording is carried out by the Airport Police Directorate. Since passengers need to be questioned in detail and their data needs to be recorded prior to entry, the document control requires more time than previously. In order to minimising human interaction in the Airport, Passenger Hall number 2A will be reopened between December 18 and January 4, so check-in counters will operate at both Terminals 2A and 2B during this period. Passenger Pier 1 will be partially open to passengers arriving from the Schengen area between 18 December and 21 December. Documents and mandatory body temperature measurements of passengers arriving here are also carried out here. The entire transit area of ​​Passenger Pier B will be operational again from 18 December to 4 January. The passport management work unchanged health screening, registration and entry into Hungary of passengers from non-Schengen countries continue to take place here and also at the arrival level of Terminal 2B. Budapest Airport ask passengers to prepare the necessary documents so that the authorities can decide on the quarantine order as soon as possible and accordingly issue an exemption or hand over a certificate of the quarantine order.