Hungary, the country of immigration

Every non-EU citizen who wants to stay in EU territory over 90 days must have some type of residence permit. The Eurostat published their survey about the residence permits issued in the EU in 2019. At that year, about 3 million first residence permits were issued to non-EU citizens. From the above-mentioned permits: employment-related reasons accounted for 41%, family reasons for 27%, education reasons for 14%, while other reasons, including international protection, accounted for 18%.

According to the Eurostat’s diagram, the number of first residence permits issued relative to the population in Hungary is 6 permits per 1000 population. In this regard Hungary is in the middle range, just falling short of EU’s 7 permits per 1000 population in 2019.


Although Germany, France, and Austria are well known about their diversity and hospitality, the survey shows us that our country preceded them as well.  How is it possible? To get an answer we must check out the main reasons the non-EU citizens submit residence permit requests.


If we bat an eye at the Hungarian statistics it appears that 62073 new residence permits had been issued in 2019. The issued permits number is three times bigger than in 2015.


Hungary is the most popular among businessman circles regarding to the Eurostat’s statistics. Due to it is easy and cheap to start business here. Not to mention the very low tax burden, which is only 9% for corporations.


Because of the above-mentioned preferences, several South-Korean multinational companies build giant factories in our country. In this case the managing director typically come to Hungary and manages the company locally.


If we compare the reasons and the applicant’s nationality, we can determine that most of the blue-collar workers come from Ukraine and Serbia. Also, we cannot calculate exact number of these nationalities because most of them have Hungarian citizenship as well and in this case, they do not need residence permit to work in the EU.

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Another large number of non-EU citizen are coming from China. Half of them enter employment; the other half wants to study. Aside them there are many African and USA foreigner in our educational system as well. No wonder, our brilliant medical education is very tempting for university studies not to mention the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. This scholarship offers a wide range of courses for international students of excellent academic track record. Applicants are offered more than 500 full degree programs, covering all higher education fields at all degree levels, including part-time and doctoral programs.


In conclusion, the number of non-EU foreigners in Hungary has been increasing dramatically for the past 5 year. It doesn’t matter whether you want to establish a company or learn in our higher educational system or just want to enjoy your pensioner years with your grandchildren in Hungary, we can gladly help you submit an application for your first residence permit.