Travel to Hungary during coronavirus

Legislative background: 408/2020. (VIII. 30.) Korm. rendelet

Regulation for Hungarian citizens

At the moment only Hungarian citizens can return to Hungary.

In this case every person qualified as Hungarian citizen who

  • has the right of permanent residence in Hungary and their family member (if he / she proves this with the right document)
  • has a valid residence for a period exceeding 90 days, entitling him or her to stay in the territory of Hungary (have to present the relevant document upon entry)
  • is an athlete of a Hungarian sports organization (if he / she re-enters to Hungary after an international sports event)
  • is participating abroad in an international sports event by an invitation or delegation (if he / she re-enters to Hungary after this event)
  • is employed by the Hungarian cultural institution and a cultural event in abroad (if he / she re-enters to Hungary after this event).

I want to enter Hungary. How can I get residence permit?

You have to submit an application to the immigration office. There are many types of applications depending on the purpose of the residence and furthermore on the applicant’s citizenship. If you do not know where to start the process but would like to enter Hungary, please feel free to contact us for legal help.


For the returning Hungarians (and the person qualified as Hungarian citizen) the authority can order medical check, and the citizens must undergo the examination.


Likely infected: In case of suspicion of infection, the authority will order quarantine either in the person’s home or at the hospital.


Unlikely infected: If the medical examination does not establish a suspicion of infection, the person with Hungarian residence will be isolated at home quarantine for 10 days. Those who do not have a residence in Hungary, have to go quarantine designated by the competent authority, also for 10 days.

How can I leave quarantine?

The authority who ordered the quarantine may grant an exemption on one’s request. In order to leave quarantine, you will need 2 negative PCR-tests 48 hours apart from each other in 5 days. The authority will accept the first test not only which made in Hungary, but also PCR-tests made in Schengen area, United States or in Canada. But be aware that your second PCR-test must be made in Hungary. In addition to our legal services we gladly arrange your testing appointment.

Regulation for non-Hungarian citizens

At this time, only Hungarian citizens (and the person qualified as Hungarian citizen) can enter the territory of Hungary. But there are some cases when the authority can waive the rules, here you can find the list of these exceptions:

  • who has to participate in court procedures
  • who has referral from a health care institution
  • the student who has examination obligation
  • the transportation workers
  • who come to a family event (e.g. marriage, funeral)
  • who has to care for their relative
  • who come to an international religious event
  • other justifiable reason

The application must be submitted online, and you can use the a help of a legal representative. If you find uncomfortable to communicate with the authority, or you are insecure with legal jargon, please do not hesitate to contact us.


After the arrival, the authority can order medical check, and the non-citizens must undergo the examination.


Likely infected non-Hungarian: Unfortunately, cannot enter to Hungary as per current regulations


Unlikely infected non-Hungarian: The authority place the person in home quarantine or in designated quarantine for 10 days.

Regulation for Commuters

The citizens of neighbouring states and the Hungarian citizens who live in the neighbouring states can stay in Hungary only for 24 hours and enter within the distance of 30 kilometers from the state border.

Regulation for Czech, Slovak and Polish citizens

If you are one of these countries’ citizens you can enter the country and the authority gives you an exemption from quarantine isolation if it is proved that you have an accommodation reservation to Hungary before the 31th of October and you have one negative PCR-test performed in 5 days before the entry.

Regulation for Hungarian citizens coming home from Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland

If you are coming home from the territory of Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland and it can proved that you had an accommodation reservation in one of these countries reserved before the 16 th  of October , and also you have one negative PCR-test performed in 5 days before the entry the authority can gives you an exemption from quarantine.